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4×4 Self-drive tours…

Intu Africa is a small travel company specializing in off-the-beaten-track tailor-made itineraries throughout the continent.

The company was founded by Vincent Boulanger after having worked for more than 20 years as a specialist tour operator in Africa, and wanting the freedom to design and create unique & personalized itineraries. The company was later joined by his partner Lineke (Lina) Sassen.

Intu Africa consists of Intu Luxury, targeting a small exclusive group of clients seeking luxury, privacy and comfort, and Intu Xplore, targeting clients looking for adventures, space and open skies.

Under the umbrella of Intu Xplore, Vincent and Lina have hosted and facilitated numerous self-drive 4×4 expeditions with both international and local clients.

All our expeditions are for adventurous travellers who are passionate about the great outdoors and want to explore the best Africa has to offer, might it be by land, air, sea or river. We take people to places not often visited and/or on roads less travelled, using a combination of camping and self-catering camps & small lodges.

We guide the group ourselves, taking care of all the logistics, security, accommodation and catering.

Our mobile camping set-up consists of comfortable canvas tents & mattresses, a fully equipped kitchen, shower and (dry) toilet facilities, and much more.

Away from the crowds, just nature…


We rarely go where others have been before and we can set up a full comfortable camp anywhere.

Any Road

For those passionate about off-road driving, we always seek challenging and unique itineraries and tracks.

Any Road

For those passionate about off-road driving, we always seek challenging and unique itineraries and tracks.


Our clients can drive their own vehicle (4×4), motorbike, or quad.

We can both drive or ride with our clients, and back-up vehicles with mechanical assistance and trailers are always present.

Radio communication is available in every vehicle in the expedition.

Our camping set-up


Comfortable spacious canvas tents & thick mattresses, full linen sets, bed-side tables, lights…etc.

Shower & Toilets

Dry toilets and hot showers are set up at every camp site, and, if needed, a private space at every coffee & tea break.


Sturdy tables, comfortable chairs, and everything else you need for a proper sit-down breakfast, lunch or dinner.


A fully equipped kitchen trailer containing fridges/freezer, water, gas and all the cooking supplies.

We firmly believe that food and drinks just taste better on real “china” and glasses.

Join the Adventure

Our Team

  • Experienced driver/guides
  • Multi-talented mechanic (able to work on cars, motorbikes and quads)
  • Excellent cooks
  • Helpful and pleasant camp stewards
  • Us, Vincent and Lina, sharing our passion and expertise

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